What you earn is composed of several factors. You can see an overview here. 

Once logged in, you will find all reports under the Sales and Reports tab.



You can change the price after you have logged in to your account.

You get paid once a month, between the 5'th and 10'th. Payments for each month will be sent out approx. 6 weeks after the last sale date of the month.

All sales trends and financial reports can be found under the Sales and Reports tab (you must be logged in to access).

What you earn depends on the individual dealer. eBokNorden have great deals where you get 70-80%.

Our fees vary from several factors. A complete price list can be found here.

To access all your sales reports you must be logged in. Under Sales and Reports, you will find your various reports.

It may take some time for a book to start selling. It's important to have a good cover that sells. And yes, people judge books by their cover and also the summary. Be sure to create publicity around the book in an appropriate venue, preferably before it is published too. Read some of our marketing tips here.

A complete price list can be found here.

At the moment, we (eBokNorden) have to check it up manually, but we hope that it will be available very soon.

Sales & Marketing

Once you are logged in, you’ll find all the reports under the tab Sales and Reports.

To create a campaign with Norwegian stores, you must contact the store (s) and make an appointment directly with them. Then inform us (eBokNorden) about the agreement and its terms (price, period etc). Log in to your account, go to Administrate and Manage Campaign to create your campaign. If you want a campaign against iBooks, you can contact us and we'll see what we're getting.

All e-mails regarding pricing and campaigns should be sent to:

We deliver production of ebooks and print-pdf and distribution of ebooks and audiobooks, but do not take part in marketing.

But we have an article with excellent marketing tips for you instead.

Your book may be available in all stores as we have an agreement with, among others iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Ark, Norli,, Tanum, Bokkilden, Adlibris, Biblioteksbasen, Storytel, Saxo og Elib (Sweden).

It can take anywhere from 2-14 days. Before the book is published, the store must approve the book.


ePub is the most common format for ebooks. Read more about ePub’s here.

You can. But it must be checked and validated in an epubhecker. You can find more information here.

Of course you can. Check out our article on cover tips to give you great advice on the design and layout of covers. Read the answer to the following question as well as our production tip article before you get started.

Images should be of good quality, and images suitable for zooming should have at least 1000px in the shortest length. However, the pictures must not exceed a total of 4 million pixels. If the images have text, they should be in SVG format (make sure the text is clear and readable). All covers must have a minimum of 1400 px (pixels) for the longest length.

Tables and text should be "real" and not images.

Use JPG for all "normal" images. Use PNG or SVG only for export of vector graphics (svg) or used by transparency (png).

- title
- creator
- description
- publisher
- date (both epub and original)
- rights
- identifier (in size)
- language (with attribute name=”cover” and content

You can use a program such as "Calibri", but you need to have the proper prerequisites to get a qualified result. We would recommend letting us take care of the conversion so that the end result will be optimal and overall, you will save both time and money.

Our price is 1 200,- per. e-Book ex. VAT  (without images)

Yes, you can. If the main document you send is a Word file, include a small text with the image name / filename and attach the images with the correct linked name as attachment. If the foundation is a complete and ready pdf file, the images can be implemented directly in the document. Image resolution should be 72 DPI.

Notes are something you can add to the ebook while reading it (after publishing) . Hyperlinks can be included. Tables must be real tables and not pictures.

You can read the book on all platforms where you can read an ebook. Most platforms use ePub, except Amazon that uses mobi files.

It is important to keep in mind that text / content in an ebook is fluent. The ebook you get back will therefore often look slightly different from the word file you provided. PDF optimized for paper print is not suitable for ebooks, but suitable for production.

Use to approve the file.

Common mistakes are typographical errors, so it is important to have good language washing and proofreading before it is sent to production. If the damage has occurred send an email to and we will help you solve the issue.